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Bed Bug Bites: Top Things to Know About

June 01, 2021 - Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have been around for hundreds of years. These pests are drawn by carbon dioxide and warm temperature, and feed on exposed skin as you sleep. According to their hosts, bed bugs can adjust their feeding times. Here are some top things that you should know about bed bug bites.


It is a fact that most people are unable to feel the bite of these bugs. Bed bugs have not yet been found to be vectors of diseases.

Various Skin Reactions Are Possible

Active substances like proteases, kinins or hyaluronidase are there in the saliva of the bed bug. Some individuals show no response to the bites of bed bugs.

Secondary Bacterial Infections

Secondary bacterial infections may arise from the site of the bite. These can result in lymphangitis, cellulitis, and/or eczema. It can lead to the skin lesions, which might get more complicated due to impetigo.

However, in some abnormal cases, there can be a persistence of the wound for a few weeks to a few months. Generally, an anti-itching ointment can be useful. However, in case of infected bites, a doctor can be useful.

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