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Popular Do It Yourself (DIY) Bed Bug Treatments That Don’t Work

November 28, 2016 - Bed Bugs

Take a little bit of time to search the web and you will find all kinds of DIY methods for killing bed bugs.  Unfortunately, while you may kill some bugs using some of those methods, you will likely not get the eggs or the stray female who is traveling.  There is hope though, and we’ll list a method that does work below. First, let’s look at some DIY methods that don’t work.


This method does effectively trap bed bugs in a mattress but it won’t kills them – at least not right away.  Since bed bugs have been known to live for over a year without food, you may be trapping live bugs.  The problem with that is that if you get any tears or holes in your encasement, then you are at risk for having the live bugs escape and then you are back in trouble again. Bed Bugs like to live next to their source of food and that is humans.  Bed Bugs are attracted to CO2 that is emitted from humans and they typically stay within 5-10 feet from the headboard of a board. So it is very likely they are not just on your mattress, and thus is not the most full proof method for eradication.nAlso don’t you want to kill those trapped bed bugs and not have them running around on your mattress even if enclosed in a case?


This method is “stumbled upon” by the bed bug and works by wearing down their outer shell and dehydrating the bug.  The problem with this method is that every bed bug would need to come in contact with it to kill them all, which is unlikely.  Most bed bugs will see the substance and will go to another room, thus spreading the bed bug problem.  Another nasty by-product of this substance is that it is dangerous to humans and pets' breathing systems.


Dry ice gives off CO2 so bed bugs are attracted to it.  The idea is to attract them to the CO2 and use conventional traps on their way there.  This method is ineffective because it only lasts for a little while  – say an hour or two, and it won’t kill the eggs that can’t walk to the traps that the bed bugs are being attracted to.  In addition, dry ice is dangerous to breathe and can cause severe burns to humans and animals.


The idea here is to pour boiling water or apply steam directly to the bed bugs – if you can find them all.  Of course, you likely won’t find them all as they like to hide in hard-to-reach areas.  Not to mention the danger to your property that steam and boiling water can present.


There are several reasons why this isn’t a good idea.  First off, don’t ever use bombs or repellants, as you’ll just spread the bugs from a known location to many unknown locations that are harder to find and see and your problem will explode into something much bigger.  It is also true that many of the pesticides that have been used in the past simply don’t work as the bed bugs have evolved and are resistant to them. Finally, it is just not true that you can cover every location where the bugs are at and you won’t get the eggs anyways.


Glad you asked.  All you need to do is simply contact your pest control professional who specializes in Bed Bug Heat Treatment.  Heat treatments use a simple process with dramatic results.  The science behind our heat treatments is plain and simple; a non-toxic thermal pest control treatment that works by raising the temperatures of an affected area to a level that is proven to kill bed bugs.  The highest quality heaters and accessories are used to ensure the best treatment is performed.  For more information on our bed bug heat treatments, give us a call at 888-446-4044. Call Today.

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