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The Most Common Bed Bug Hiding Places At Home

December 07, 2021 - Bed Bugs

The thought of having bed bugs living alongside your family can be frustrating. That is why it is advisable to locate their nests as soon as possible before the infestation spreads whole over your whole place.

Unfortunately, bed bugs tend to hide in unusual spots that you may not think to check, thus making it hard to find or eradicate them. Worst is, you can facilitate their movement unknowingly from one place to another while moving some of your items.

If you’re wondering where to begin looking, here are some of the common spots.

Box Springs, Mattress, and Bedding

Your bed is one of the most popular hiding spots for bed bugs.  So, ensure you check within your drawers, walls, and springs of the bed.

Also, check through the mattress lining and most importantly, check your pillowcases, comforters, quilts, and sheets. These areas provide some of the best conducive breeding places. At best, contact our bed bug removal company in Nashville to help curb the spread once you spot any sign of a bed bug.

You can also cover your mattress, box springs, wash and constantly replace your bedding. Remember, bed bugs like tight and congested places or items. Maintaining cleanliness is a perfect way to keep them at bay.

Couches and Other Upholstered Furniture

Bed bugs are known to hide between pillows, cushions, and at the bottom of furniture. Therefore, you must ensure you check in the folds of the chairs and couches and the tiniest part of any soft furnishings, including the drawers.

Carpets and Rugs

Bed bugs like stuffy places and carpets or rugs can be some of the best hideouts for them. If you suspect a bed bug infestation in your Nashville home, consider checking the rugs and carpets for those that might have found their way through such surfaces.

Purses, Bags, and Luggage

You might have just landed from your trip, or you’re planning to travel. One thing you wouldn’t want is to have bed bugs crawling from or in your bag, purse, or luggage. So, ensure to check your bag and purse and most importantly, avoid placing your bags on the floor.

You must also avoid unpacking your luggage when in hotels and restaurants. These are some of the most common places where you are likely to get these pests. The chances are high for bed bugs on the mattresses and cushions to hitch a ride into any unpacked clothes and open suitcases. Therefore, on your home return, keep all the luggage out of your home and call the Nashville exterminator to help treat your items for bed bugs. Toll Free: (888) 446-4044

Electronic Appliances

Bed bugs on electronic appliances are a strange or rare case, but it happens. Some of the electronic items serve as warm and secret hiding places. They can hide behind clocks, laptops, and gaming consoles closer to the bed. So, during bed bug removal and cleaning, ensure you check all those electronic devices, especially those in your bedroom or closer to your bed.

Indeed, you can handle bed bug infestation services by yourself; however, most cases can be severe, or have the potential to become severe, requiring professional Nashville Bed Bugs solutions, and we are available to help.

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