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Bed Bug Control In Franklin, TN

Quality Franklin, TN Bed Bug Control Services

Franklin, Tennessee, has an amazing history and a promising future. A thriving city of almost 78,000 people, it sits just below the metropolis of Nashville, TN. Resting near the Cumberland River, Franklin hosts a large, diverse, and growing population. The area enjoys the hot, humid summers and mild winters typical of the upper south and 205 days a year of sunny skies. Its art and entertainment opportunities are unbeatable. Filled with opportunities for business growth and opportunities, Franklin has much to get excited about. The area, unfortunately, also has something that nobody can get excited about: bed bugs. 

 Franklin has a serious bed bug problem.

  • Nationally, bed bugs are a big problem that’s only getting worse.
  • Tennessee is ranked the fourth highest out of all states for bed bug infestations.
  • A single fertile female bed bug is an infestation just waiting to happen and can lay between 200-500 eggs in its lifetime.

Thankfully, bed bugs are easy to deal with – if you know what you’re doing. Nashville Bed Bugs in Franklin, Tennessee, is your Davidson County bed bug control go-to company with plenty of bed bug control techniques for your home. Call us today if you suspect you have an issue with bed bugs or want to know more about our bed bug heat treatments.

How To Tell If Bed Bugs Have Invaded Your Franklin Home

Bed bugs can be hard to identify at first if you don’t know what to look for, becoming progressively more evident as the infestation grows. Ways to tell if you have a bed bug problem include:

  • Unexplained bites on your skin because bed bugs feed on blood as you sleep.
  • Finding small, brownish-black stains on sheets, which are bed bug excrement.
  • Seeing small bloodstains on your sheets from bed bugs dribbling after feeding.
  • Finding tiny egg shells or shed bed bug skins under mattresses and along seams.
  • Finding evidence of bed bugs around light sockets, at wall-ceiling junctures, behind loose wallpaper, inside furniture and appliances, and also where door frames and walls come together.
  • Noticing a strong odor. Bed bugs have very noticeable scent glands. The more bugs there are, the worse the strong, offensive odor will be.
  • Seeing bed bugs crawling out in the open or under mattresses (especially around tags and seams), furniture cushions, the folds of curtains, or even drawer corners.

Once identified, quick and aggressive action is needed to prevent a bed bug infestation from worsening. Nashville Bed Bugs knows all about bed bugs. We are Tennessee’s only nationally certified bed bug heat treatment experts, and fully Better Business Bureau accredited. We work closely with the International Bed Bug Resource Authority, a globally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to controlling the bed bug menace. Call or email us today to discuss treatment and prevention options so that you can rest easy at night.

Are you not sure if you have a bed bug infestation or are concerned about bed bugs in general? Contact Nashville Bed Bugs today. Our dedicated team of experts can:

  • Perform home inspections to see if you have bed bugs or are safe for the moment.
  • Advise you on what to look for in your specific home to identify bed bug infestations quickly.
  • Advise you on proper treatment approaches and conduct full home bed bug eradication where needed.

Don’t take a bed bug infestation lying down. Call or email Nashville Bed Bugs in Franklin, Tennessee, today.

Where Do Franklin, TN Bed Bugs Come From?

Bed bugs have been a problem for thousands of years. All of us have probably heard the bedtime wish of “good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite,” and that turn of phrase has been around since the late 1890s. But how did they get into your house?

Unfortunately, bed bugs love an adventurous life filled with travel. They can come into your home on practically anything; furniture, appliances, guests, pets, and even home deliveries, and it doesn’t take a bunch of them to start an infestation in your house. It takes only one dedicated bed bug who wants to make a family. And bed bugs always want to make a family.

It’s important to note that bed bugs don’t care about the condition of a house. They’ll infest a dirty house or perfectly clean house just as fast. Getting bed bugs isn’t a sign of poor home hygiene or that you’ve done something wrong; all it means is that you’ve fallen victim to the common problem of bed bugs and need bed bug control services – fast.

Nashville Bed Bugs in Franklin, Tennessee, is that fast solution. Contact us today for local bed bug control services.

Four Bed Bug Prevention Methods For Franklin Homeowners

Given that bed bugs have become so problematic in the United States, you’re probably wondering how to keep them from coming into your home in the first place. Here are some bed bug prevention tips:

  • Closely inspect all secondhand items you purchase for bed bugs before bringing them indoors, especially mattresses and furniture.
  • Use mattress covers for both mattresses and box springs. Doing so will considerably reduce places for bed bugs to hide and thrive.
  • Vacuuming often can be very effective in helping to control bed bug populations.
  • Inspect often. A quick little sighting can prevent a lot of biting.

Nashville Bed Bugs knows what to look for. It’s what we do every day, all the time. Call us to have us take a look. We will advise you on guarding your home against bed bug populations. If we do find bed bugs, we know just what to do.

Why Franklin Homeowners Turn To The Professionals At Nashville Bed Bugs

Why are bed bug problems such an issue in Franklin?

  • They travel well. Bed bugs have dozens of ways to get into your home.
  • A little becomes a lot. Once there, a solitary female can eventually become an entire bed bug infestation right under your mattress.
  • Distribution. Bed bugs tend to move throughout the home. Local treatments can be ineffective by missing other bugs.
  • Bed bugs are serious business. Strong, durable, and persistent, they have a very high reproduction rate. Ineffective treatments fail to get rid of bed bugs and give the bugs more time to grow in numbers.

Smart homeowners know that quick, professional help is the best guarantee of getting rid of bed bugs. Call Nashville Bed Bugs in Franklin, Tennessee to handle your bed bug problems quickly and effectively with the area experts. You can also reach us online to learn more about the benefits of professional heat treatments.

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