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Bed Bug Services

We kill bed bugs FAST!

Professional Heat Treatments

When It comes to ridding your home or business of bed bugs the use of destructive and dangerous chemicals are no longer necessary. Nashville Bed Bugs is proud to offer the revolutionary Bed Bug Heat treatments – a process that is both a technological and ecological breakthrough in treating partial and entire structures for bed […]

Rent Bed Bug Heaters

Budget Bed Bug Heat Package PACKAGE INCLUDES: PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Radial 8 Bed Bug Heater and Fan Combo 1 x Temperature Gun Includes all necessary extension cords Treats Up to 200sqft! The Budget Bed Bug Heat Package is perfect for bedbug heat treatment in small sized bedrooms hotels, motels, or apartments. This package is […]

Buy Bed Bug Heaters

For all those hotels, apartments, property managers, clinic, theaters, shelters, summer camps, recovery centers and Do-It-Yourselfers we have the bed bug solution for you. Nashville Bed Bugs proudly uses Convectex bed bug heaters for all of our heat treatments and rentals.  Convectex heaters are the safe and easy solution to all of your bed bug […]

The Nashville Bed Bug Experts

Nashville Bed Bugs specializes in eradicating bed bugs throughout Tennessee, Kentucky and all surrounding areas. NBB is a family owned and operated business based out of Nashville Tennessee. Whether you need to kill bed bugs with heat or want to rent or buy your own bed bug heaters, NBB has what you need.

Tennessee’s only nationally certified Bed Bug heat Treatment experts.

When we do the heat treatment for you we have a sophisticated advanced heat temperature probe system that we monitor from our website that tells us exactly when we have reached the right heat temperature needed to kill bed bugs.  This allows us to complete your heat treatment in a much faster time frame than our competition.

We don't require that we heat treat your whole home.  We will typically only treat the rooms where we have found evidence of bed bug activity.  This saves you money.

We are very careful of floors and your house when we do our treatments giving you peace of mind that you can trust us with your home while we do the heat treatment.

We use discrete unmarked vehicles so your neighbors or guests are not aware of your bed bug problem during our treatment.

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DIY Bed Bug Home Remedies

Busting Old Wives’ Tales: DIY Bed Bug Home Remedies

Bed Bugs have been terrorizing homeowners and businesses for decades.  When people talk about bed bugs they get really weirded out especially considering that these vampires suck your blood.  As a result of the panic around bed bugs many myths have promulgated over time.  NashvilleBedBugs is here to debunk these myths and help guide you […]

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Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs The Non-Toxic Way

When you find bed bugs in your home, hotel, or business, your first thought may be to use chemicals to kill the bugs. Toxic chemicals can have a harmful affect on your furniture and on the people using the room. Many bed bug exterminators use toxic chemicals to kill bed bugs, but these chemicals often […]

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The Fastest Way To Get Rid Of BedBugs

If you own a hotel, nursing home, school, or daycare, then chances are your worst nightmare is having bed bugs. Similar to your pet and home having fleas, bed bugs require a professional treatment. Most bed bug treatments must be done several times in a row, they often require replacing furniture or mattresses, and sometimes […]

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