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Rent Bed Bug Heaters

Rent Bed Bug Heater in the Nashville, TN, Area

With our easy to use professional bed bug heaters you can kill bed bugs in just 8 hours*.


Budget Bed Bug Heat Package


  • 1 x Elite 8 Bed Bug Heater and Fan Combo
  • 1 x Temperature Gun

Includes all necessary extension cords

Treats 400 square feet

The Budget Bed Bug Heat Package is perfect for bedbug heat treatment in small sized bedrooms hotels, motels, or apartments. This package is best when bed bugs have just been discovered and are localized to one room with medium to no clutter.  For this package to be effective it is critical no over the counter chemicals such as sprays or foggers have been used prior to treatments.



To schedule your bed bug heater rental call NBB at (615) 257-0255.

* When used as directed

**Please note that all prices are subject to change.

**Price includes delivery and pickup only within 25 miles from Nashville Center. Due to the high cost of our bed bug removal equipment we do not allow you to pickup or drop-off the heaters yourself. Renting outside of this area is not feasible at this time – working on a new program.
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