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Bed Bug Control In Gallatin, TN

Just 30 miles North of Nashville is the beautiful and lively city of Gallatin. While our city may be small, it is big in heart and opportunity.

Living in Gallatin also offers the opportunity to guard your home against bed bugs with the help of Tennessee's top bed bug control experts here at Nashville Bed Bugs!

We provide the highest-quality bed bug heat treatments possible and help our customers ensure that their home becomes and stays bed bug-free. For exceptional Sumner County bed bug control, turn to the experts at Nashville Bed Bugs!

All The Ways You Could Be Wrong About Bed Bugs In Gallatin

To help you learn more about bed bugs and help you guard your family against these biting pests, we want to go over some common misconceptions and the truth behind those misconceptions.

The following is a list of facts that people think are true about bed bugs but are actually not.

  • Bed bugs feed only at night.
  • Bed bugs transmit diseases.
  • Bed bugs are only a threat in urban areas.
  • Bed bugs are only a problem in structures that are dirty or cluttered.
  • Bed bugs stay in bedrooms.

The following list includes true statements about bed bugs.

  • While primarily nocturnal, bed bugs base their feeding times on when their hosts are sleeping or inactive.
  • Bed bugs are not currently known to be vectors of diseases.
  • Bed bugs can find their way into any home, whether in a city, suburb, or rural community. 
  • Bed bugs aren't attracted to clutter; they are opportunistic in any home that provides access to their human hosts.
  • Bed bugs crawl and travel throughout the structures they are living in, invading bedrooms, living rooms, and other spaces.

If you want to learn about bed bugs, including how to keep them out of your house, reach out to Tennessee's bed bug control experts here at Nashville Bed Bugs today!

Five Signs Your Gallatin Home May Have Bed Bugs

One thing is for sure: no one wants to share their home with biting bed bugs. When it comes to bed bugs, the sooner you notice their presence in your home, the faster and easier it will be to eliminate them.

The most common signs of a bed bug infestation include:

  • Finding tiny drops of blood on your sheets, pillowcases, or upholstered furniture.
  • Noticing dark rust-like stains from bed bug excrement on walls, floors, bedding, or upholstered furniture.
  • Noticing a musty odor has developed in one or more areas of your home. 
  • Discovering shed bed bug exoskeletons (skins) under bedding, under mattresses, or on the floor.
  • Waking up with small, red itchy bumps on arms, hands, and legs.

If you see bed bugs or any of the above signs, you are likely sharing your Gallatin home with these blood-feeding pests.

What To Do About Bed Bugs In Gallatin

A bed bug infestation can happen to any of us. Bed bugs live where we live and spend a lot of time; coming into contact with these pests isn't a matter of if but rather when.

Bed bugs could crawl onto you or into your belongings almost anywhere, including a hotel, a family member's home, an airport, a movie theater, a library, a laundromat, or a school. Bed bugs also regularly find their way into our homes on secondhand items like mattresses, upholstered furniture, and rugs.

If you suspect bed bugs have hitchhiked their way into your house, don't delay in contacting a professional for help. For the best bed bug control in Gallatin, reach out to Nashville Bed Bugs. Our quality services are proven effective, and our expertise is unmatched! We specialize in bed bug heat treatments and heat equipment rentals and will provide you with the information and services necessary to eliminate bed bugs from your home. For the best bed bug control in Gallatin and throughout Sumner County, reach out to us today!

Three Quick Bed Bug Tips Gallatin Residents Ought To Know

Though there are no prevention tips that are 100% effective, implementing the following bed bug prevention measures can aid in your effort to stop your Gallatin home from being overrun by bed bugs.

  • Always inspect and clean secondhand items before bringing them inside your home.
  • Take care when in any public space; keep your belongings up off the ground. Keep your bags and other belongings away from other people's things. 
  • Regularly vacuum your floors, upholstered furniture, and the bottoms of closets and cabinets to remove stray bed bugs before they can become a problem.

Here at Nashville Bed Bugs, we are committed to helping people in Gallatin maintain bed bug-free homes. To learn more about working together and the benefits of our bed bug heat treatment options, reach out to us now!

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