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Heat + Knowledge = Dead Bed Bugs

How effective is Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs Removal?

Bed bugs are pesky little insects that are hard to catch, and even when they bite, there are no severe reactions that can point to their existence in the home. These might not be that dangerous for health, but can rob you of sleep and lead to a lot of discomfort. There can be unpleasant reactions on the skin and allergies, which you would never like to suffer from. Heat treatment, which involves the use of a portable industrial heater for heating up a home or room to over 120 degrees F, is known to be effective in killing these bugs. Find out why and how this is so.

Degeneration of systems

When subjected to high heat, bed bug systems are found to be unable to survive anymore. Thus, these tend to break down. The more the temperature that bed bugs are subjected to, the faster the breakdown can be expected. This is due to the reason that there is penetration of heat into each part of homes. Thus, the bugs get no place to hide themselves in. The heat manages to seep into mattresses, bedding and furniture, and thus, bed bugs are unable to hide and survive.

All points sealed

Another reason for the effectiveness of heat treatment is the fact that while using it, exterminators seal off all the entry and exit points in homes and then turn the heater on. The heating is continued for 4 – 6 hours, and they check the temperature within the rooms every now and then. Thus, bed bugs are actually unable to escape and have no choice left but to meet their end.

Death of eggs

One more reason why the bed bug problem does not recur is that the young ones of the bugs, or the eggs, die as well due to the extreme heat that these are subjected to. All bed bugs and their eggs that are exposed to the high 120 degrees Fahrenheit temperature get eliminated. In a few hours, all these are eliminated fully. As a result, bed bugs cannot replicate and come back very soon. The problem is resolved for a long time.

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