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Bed Bug Hideouts Unveiled: Unexpected Locations Where Bed Bugs Cluster

Bed bugs are not only invasive but also thrive in their ability to hide and avoid detection. If you have a bed bug infestation, the first step to eliminating them is identifying their hiding spots. However, they may live in the home unnoticed in some of the following common and little-known hideouts-


The bed is one of the perfect hideouts for bed bugs, and the associated name tells it all. They will always find comfort in the bed cracks and mattress, and it is the closet location to their food source. It is also common to find them near the plastic corner piece or stapled cover underneath the box springs. Occasionally, you’ll spot bed bugs on the bed sheets, pillows, and blankets.If you suspect a bed bug invasion, inspect the bed accessories and rent a bed bug heater for heat treatment.


The couch is a common bed bug hideout because that is where people spend a lot of time sitting, but its intricate design makes it tricky to spot them at first sight. However, the tiny bugs often hide inside the cracks in wooden frames, between the cushions, and under the sofa. Common signs of a bed bug infestation on the couch include tiny white eggs and bloody stains.

Fabric and Leather

Bed bugs love the warmth of fabric and leather upholstery. Curtains, for instance, form a perfect spot where they will hide under folds and seams. It’s also common to spot bugs on the carpet in the living or bedroom.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors have crevices between the beams. After flushingout bed bugs from their common hideouts, they sometimes hide in the beams on hardwood floors. A Nashville exterminator should, therefore, inspect the crevices if you suspect a bed bug infestation.


Bed bugs can hide inside clothes. If you fold your clothes on the bed, they may find their way into the clothing. They may also crawl into clothes if you keep them inside infested holders and containers. So, if you spot a blood-sucking pest on your clothes, it may be time to hire a bed bug removal company.

Home Décor

Home décor items spice up your home’s aesthetic appeal, but bed bugs love them. Since they’re tiny, they can fit in small spaces and cracks on framed home décor, wall clocks, picture frames, and portraits.


It is common to spot bed bugs enjoying a ride on buses, cars, and sometimes planes. They usually hide under seat covers, floor mats, dashboard covers, and cargo trunks. You should, therefore, watch for signs of bed bugs before traveling in a public transit or personal car.


If you stay in an infested hotel room, you may also carry some bedbugs back home in your luggage. A bed bug machine rental comes in handy to help clear the pests immediately after you arrive home. Similarly, leaving your suitcases under the bed could expose them to pest infestation.


Bed bugs will also hide inside books and bookshelves. Their small size and flat shapes make it easy to squeeze between book pages and bindings. The books kept near nightstands, beds, and furniture will likely form a perfect hideout.

Most people believe bed bugs only hide in bed, but the tiny creepers also hide in spots you least expect. You should contact qualified Nashville exterminator from Nashville Bed Bugs to help you to identify the bedbug hideouts and provide the best extermination method.

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