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Is It Really Possible To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs On A Limited Budget?

September 01, 2018 - Bed Bugs

Is it possible to get rid of bed bugs on a limited budget? You bet ya! We’re going to teach you how. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than people suffering with bed bugs. Especially when they can’t afford help. We see it every day.

Aside from the cost, bed bugs removal takes knowledge, time, effort and yes, some money. Like a medical emergency, the cost can create a nightmare for those unprepared. Because of affordability issues, bed bugs remain longer and larger infestations build.
People carry around bed bugs attached to their clothing or personal items every day. Bed bug hitchhikers crawl off at work, school, office appointments, or friends’ homes. This is a serious problem for not only the people who have them, but everyone who lives in their community.

Who Can’t Afford a Bed Bug Professional?

Bed bugs don’t discriminate where they get their blood meals, anyone, rich or poor are at risk. But according to the [1] U.S. Census data, half of the U.S. population lives in poverty or is low-income. That’s around 163 million people. These people live with an income level that can’t afford a professional pest service. And those who can’t afford the treatments, often end up living with bed bugs for a long time.

Bed Bug Problems

Infestations don’t happen overnight, they take time to build. More often, people will experience bites which are mistaken for fleas, or mosquitoes. And bed bugs are so good at hiding that signs are difficult to find.

As bites continue, and weeks pass, breeding grounds are building. Before long, evidence of bed bugs begins to show. A blood smear on a sheet or small fecal stain will cause alarm.

When searching for a solution, the cost for service may be way more than affordable. So, you’re left with bed bugs that continue to grow to more serious infestations. While bed bugs are not considered dangerous, they’re almost impossible to get rid of only if you don’t know what you are doing. This can lead to some serious structural problems.

How People React

People assume they can go to the store and buy up a product to do it themselves. There are plenty of products under twenty bucks that says bed bugs on the label at a local store. But people are spending a lot of money on products that aren’t working. Pyrethroids, Neonicotinoids, Raid, Hot Shot, Bed Bug Bombs, Dusts, Sprays, Traps, Monitors and a bunch of others.

The problem is, these products can cause the spread of bed bugs even further. It’s a waste of time and product because they drive the bed bugs deeper into voids, cracks and crevices.

Pesticide Problems

It’s now well-known that bed bugs have built up a [2] resistance to most pesticides of today. And this has contributed to the resurgence of them. Pesticides are not safe for use on sleeping areas, mattresses and couches. And that’s exactly where bed bugs live. They’re are especially harmful for children, pets or anyone with a suppressed immune system or respiratory problems.

An [3] infant’s brain, nervous system, and organs are still developing after birthand are more sensitive to the toxic effects of pesticides than adults. And, if you overuse them (which most people do), they can cause a toxic build-up in your home. So, what’s left?

Different modes of action need to be considered. Actually, there is a right and wrong way to get rid of bed bugs, but it does need a sound strategy. Don’t worry any longer, we’re here to show you how!

Heat Works Best!

​We’re here to help people with limited budgets get rid of their problem. Heat is fast, effective and, best of all safe. Aside from resistance issues, and a multitude of other reason why chemicals don’t work well, we know pesticides are not safe or efficient as our heat units are. What most people like the best about heat is that they can sleep in their bed the very next day without bed bugs!

We can rent you the same equipment used by our professionals so you can get the job done yourself. Or provide a service to get it done for you. Don’t let bed bugs ruin your quality of life!

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