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Bed Bug Bites – Top Things to Know About

Bed bugs have been around for hundreds of years. These pests are drawn by carbon dioxide and warm temperature, and feed on exposed skin as you sleep. According to their hosts, Bed bugs can adjust their feeding times. Here are some top things that you should know about bed bug bites- Non dangerous It is […]

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The Fastest Way To Get Rid Of BedBugs

If you own a hotel, nursing home, school, or daycare, then chances are your worst nightmare is having bed bugs. Similar to your pet and home having fleas, bed bugs require a professional treatment. Most bed bug treatments must be done several times in a row, they often require replacing furniture or mattresses, and sometimes […]

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Pets and Bed Bugs

pets and bugs

Pets and Bed Bugs – How to Keep Them Safe A common question asked is, “Will bed bugs affect my pets?” Pets are part of the family, and we’re always concerned about the well-being of pets during a bed bug crisis. All situations are different and with bed bugs, it all depends. When bed bugs […]

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