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Why Mattress Encasements Aren’t The Solution To Your Bed Bug Problem

A mattress encasement is essentially a plastic bag that that wraps around your bed and seals it off from its surrounding environment. It curtails the spread of bed bugs by suffocating the ones that live directly on your bed. Additionally, they can be used as a line of defense to prevent bed bugs from making your bed their home. Even more, mattress encasements can often be fire retardant and antimicrobial. Because they can be helpful, we recommend using a mattress encasement in most situations if you think you are at risk for bed bugs.

The problem with using a mattress encasement as a treatment method for a real infestation is that bed bugs are masters at hiding and do not live solely in your mattress. Even though a mattress encasement may kill most of the bed bugs in your mattress, you’ll end up missing the bugs that are in your furniture and other parts of your home. Nymphs and unhatched eggs are notorious for hiding in walls and will continue to grow and reproduce.

Bed bug treatments can be difficult cycles to manage since you might kill the bed bugs in your mattress, but the hiding nymphs and unhatched eggs will mature and quickly travel to your newly treated mattress. Before you know it, you’ll have another infestation on your hands. Thus, you must think about a treatment that covers more than just your mattress so that the rest of your home is not susceptible to bed bugs.

Mattress encasements definitely have their benefits and assist in treating bed bugs, however, they should be used alongside with a primary treatment method to treat your bed bug problem. If you’d like to stop wasting your time and learn about ways to get rid of bed bugs once and for all, call our office today!

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