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Exclusive Details About Termites and Why Regular Inspection Is Key to Your Home

Termites could attack and cause damage to any property provided that the conditions are favorable. Often, they operate silently and can ultimately destroy your dwelling place. But the best way your property can be safe is by stopping them before they cause any havoc. One of the best ways to do this is regular termite inspections.

First, let’s find out what brings termites into your home and why it’s hard to notice them.

Why Termites May Thrive At Your Home

Termites are drawn to your home for different reasons, including;

  • Wood: Though there are various types of termites, most of them are attracted to wood and woody structures. Untreated wood like old stumps, logs, and stacks are ideal breeding grounds for termites.
  • Moisture: In addition to the wood inside your house, termites are drawn to moist areas. So, ensure you constantly check all household structural wood that is in close contact to the foundation of your home.  This is where termites will likely enter your home and begin their destructive process.
  • Location:Your geographical location and weather conditions significantly influence how likely you may experience termite infestations. For instance, warm weather with humid conditions makes it likely for homeowners to have termite activity in their homes.

To be safe, check for any conditions around your home that invites termites, including reducing humidity and treating or covering any exposure in contact with water and soil. You can also contact us for termite treatment in Nashville to help improving your home ventilations and manage your home moisture.

Why Would Termite Infestations Go Un-Noticed?

Sometimes it’s hard to notice termites in your homes. All termites live and move underground, and many termites fly and swarm to new locations, and may eventually traverse into the your homes’ wood through hidden mud tunnels or by flying into/onto your home, making it hard to spot them. Here are other reasons why you may find it hard to notice termites:

  • Some look like ants. For instance, most people have assumed termites to be whitish ants, especially those inside old stumps.
  • Most termites stay hidden. Just like bed bugs, cockroaches and ants would come unnoticed into your home, so are termites. Termites are secretive and mostly come out from the ground through the building of mud tubes, which they use to travel up into your house, making it harder to notice.
  • Termites are almost silent in their operations. Known as silent destroyers, it would take a keen individual to notice the presence of termites in their homes.

Importance of Regular Termite Inspection

If not managed, termites would cause severe damage to the structural wood of your house. That includes wood on walls, around the doors, and windows. They can also destroy the less un-inspected areas like wood inside the attic and those under your house.

So, a termite inspection would help in three significant ways:

  • Prevent further damage;
  • Help identify and repair damaged parts of the house;
  • Reduce the cost of rebuilding and repairing excessively destroyed parts.

Termite infestation is a challenging task requiring professional assistance. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to contact a Nashville Exterminator to help evaluate your termite situation. You may give us a call at 615.346.5569 for a custom quote and inspection.

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