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How to Make Your Home Pest-Proof?

Here are some basic tips that can go a long way to ensure that your home is free of all kinds of pests, throughout the year –

Use screens

With your exterior openings and ventilation points having screen doors and windows, it can be easier for you to Pest-Proof your home. Use 20 mesh, which is advisable, to keep out especially small sized pests.

Improve all exterior door bases

With all of your exterior doors having door sweeps installed, and the door threshold in proper condition, you can keep pests away. You may use a rubber door sweep or brush under the Garage doors and use foam weather stripping for lining sliding doors’ bottom track, and sealing them off.

Have doors resealed

Check the top and sides of all the doors, and look for gaps.

Fill up all cracks

Look for cracks on fascia boards or around windows and doors. Use a silicone sealant to seal any small crack easily. When compared to any other sealant, Silicone sealants can last for more time. These can expand and contract effectively, as per changes in temperatures and weather.

Set up a Pet Door

You will not have your home susceptible to infestation by pests.

Seal utility openings

Clean the area as much as possible, and get rid of any peeling material prior to the use of a superior sealant that can last and keep pests away for the longest time.

Use airtight containers to store foods

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