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5 Problems You Can Face When You Have Bed Bugs

Problems Ahead

Bed Bugs are certainly a problem that needs to be solved. The issue can be worse if proper treatment is not done in a timely manner. That being said, too many of us discount the psychological effects that this Bug has on people.

Below we list 5 things that can can happen to you if your bed bug problem is left untreated:

  1. You’ll Have To Move

Some people think that if they move to a new home that they can be rid of their bed bug problem. Unfortunately, what many don’t realize, is that the bed bugs will travel with you as they are likely in all of your belongings as well, and moving just means that you bring the bed bugs with you. Instead of taking this drastic measure, call NashvilleBedBugs right away to partner with you in a real solution!

2. You’ll Have To Trash Your Bed

Most people think that they have to get rid of their bed, couches, chairs, blankets, and other items. What they don’t realize is that by doing that they may just be spreading the bed bugs to others. Also who wants to get rid of all of these expensive items? NashvilleBedBugs does not recommend you get rid of anything. We have trustworthy methods that will kill the bugs and allow you to keep your prized posessions.

3. Social Isolation, Depression and Mental Breakdown

When someone has bed bugs they typically think about what would happen if others knew about their problem. There is a stigma around bed bugs that if you have them you must be dirty, messy, or low class. The truth is that bed bugs don’t care about any of those things and can be found just as many times in very nice expensive houses as they can be found in small shacks. Bed bugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide that we exhale from breathing and they don’t discriminate on any of the things we talked about above when they find their next victim. The best thing to do after you know you have bed bugs is to call Nashville Bed Bugs and first get advice on your next steps. Many people try’s and solve the problem on their own and almost always make the problem worse.

4. Your Problem Gets Worse and Your Anxiety Goes Up

Many people try and treat the problem themselves. They’ll resort to turning their stove on to heat up their home. Or they may try to pour boiling water on everything to kill the bugs. Another popular activity is using a chemical bomb. If you have bed bugs and know it you likely aren’t sleeping enough, are paranoid and have anxiety. Having these conditions causes you to be desperate and do desperate things. All of the things mentioned above can cause a lot of damage and cause the bed bug problem to spread and be much worse. Your best defense is to get an expert to help you understand the bug, and to learn how to effectively eliminate the problem in the shortest amount of time.

5. You may develop lifetime scars

Scars come in many forms. A large percentage of the population will actually have scars from bed bug bites that remain with them for life. All people, that encounter this bug can have emotional and mental scars from the experience as well. For many, even after they get rid of their bed bug problem, they will see a bed bug whenever they see any other kind of bug. The effect of this on people is similar to PTSD (Post Traumatic Syndrome). Don’t let the problem get so bad that you are mentally scarred from this bug. Call the professionals at Nashville Bed Bugs as soon as you think you have a problem and know that we work on your peace of mind as a high priority as we work together to solve your bed bug problem.

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