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Protecting Families IS Our Business!

Protecting Families IS Our Business!

It’s in the news, on talk shows, online, on the radio, billboards and television.

Not a single day passes where you don’t hear or read something about clean food, fresh air and our environment.

The use of toxins in our soils have poisoned our food supply.

Byproducts called off-gases emitted into the environment come from furniture and building materials.

Derived from chemicals, medicines mess with the delicate microbiome in our bodies.

Chemicals are in every product we use daily.

With each day that passes, we understand more on how we’re destroying the place we call home with toxins.


We can’t seem to get away from it, and it will take decades to clean it up, but we can, end the use of added toxins if we try.

The Innocent Ignorance of Chemical Usage

There is no simple solution for ignorance.

Education is a must.

What’s drilled into our heads as children, is almost impossible to shake as we become adults.

We are all mirrors of our teachers.

Monkey see, monkey do.

As kids, we watched out parents’ slather and spray chemicals.

There are chemicals to clean, get rid of weeds, insects, molds or anything that bothers us.

When a problem arises, we reach for one of the thousands of chemical products to solve our problem.

Marketing floods the media with the latest and greatest “fix” for just about any situation.

Not a Passing Fancy

Many years of research has exposed the serious problems we have surrounding chemicals.

I’d like to share our philosophy of what “green” means for us at Nashville Bedbugs.

We’ve dedicated hundreds of hours to learning how these toxins affect us all.

And we’ve made the choice to do our part in educating and protecting our clients.

Green pest control isn’t a passing fancy or a trend, it’s a powerful and positive movement.

Green Is the Future for Bed Bug Elimination


“Going green” means pursing knowledge that can lead to a more responsible lifestyle.

This protects our environment and our natural resources for current and future generations.

We care about you, our clients.

And because of the toxic environments we live in, we work hard to protect you and your family.

Green is a lifestyle for us.

And we want it to be for you!

Our bottom line as a green business is to lessen the negative impact on your environment.

Severity of Chemical Problems

The principal control strategy for pests has been the use of toxic chemicals.

Unfortunately, this violates our environments and is not sustainable.

Aside from the impact on people’s health and homes, resistance issues have escalated.

And no longer do chemicals work for eliminating bed bugs.

Industry Shift

Replacing older conventional pesticides hasn’t been easy.

Up until now, the pursuit for new strategies has been developing stronger chemicals.

Yet, many people are still unaware of the published evidence behind pesticides toxicity.

And for us, promoting the use of toxic chemicals, is against facts of their destruction to our environment.

Today, there’s an enormous therapeutic shift occurring in the pest control industry.

And this redirection of strategies, protects both families and environments

Green sustainable practices are our future for pest elimination.

Nashville Bedbugs Make a Difference!

We will continue to work in harmony with nature’s checks and balances.

We enjoy these strategies, while greatly benefiting our customers and our environment.

You can count on us to provide you the education and services you need to make informed pest control decisions.

If you’re ready to make the change, gives us a call!









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