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Spotting the Differences: Heat Rash versus Bed Bug Infestation

heat rash vs bed bug infestation

If you have never been bitten by bed bugs before, you can never know for sure whether you have been bitten or not. In fact, since the bites usually go unnoticed, most of the time, with little to no reaction, you can easily mistake it for a heat rash. For bed bug bites, only 20% of the population will react to bed bug bites while the other 80% will not.  Many times one spouse will react and the other will not, causing a lot of confusion.So it is real important to know whether a reaction is a bed bug bite and not something else, like a mosquito bite, chiggar bite, or heat rash.

What, then, is the difference between a bed bug bite and a heat rash? Keep reading.

Understanding Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs can bite any part of the skin, with specific targets on portions in close contact with the bed on exposed skin. Such areas include the arms, face, legs, neck, and back. A mark resembling a mosquito bite is the most obvious sign of a bedbug. It may appear in any of the following forms:

  • Raised bumps in a random format (or many times in a linear fashion).
  • Pimple-shaped bump with a reddish center.
  • Round-shaped blister.
  • Raised skin with reddish or purple bumps.

Characteristics of a Bed Bug Bite

A bed bug bite appears one or a few days after the bite. Most bites are harmless, although severe reactions may occur. In rare cases, some of the following characteristics may imply a possible bite.

1.      Itching Sensation

While the affected area may be painless, you may feel an itching sensation later on. An allergic reaction may also trigger more itching and develop into a lump.

2.      Red Patches

Most bites appear as red, circular patches. Sometimes they overlap, but their ideal diameter is 5-10 mm.

3.      Well-defined Pattern

Bed bug bites may form a well-defined cluster or arrangement. If they form a cluster or a line, you’ll often notice five or more bite marks on the affected area.

4.      Contagious Bites

Bed bugs are contagious, and so are their bites. If you have a bite, your friends or family living within the same house may also develop similar rashes. You can rent a bed bug heater or hire a Nashville exterminator for remediation.

Understanding Heat Rashes

A heat rash is harmless, itchy skin inflammation. It is frequent in summer whensweat traps develop under the skin. The most common cause of a heat rash is a blockage of the sweat glands amidst intense heat. Although heat rash is common in children, adults can also develop the symptoms of infection.

How Does a Heat Rash Appear?

A heat rash is a simple, reddish patch with small circles inside the patch. However, sometimes the circles will be too small to be visible in the middle portion.

A heat rash usually appears under the armpits, waist, below the breasts, groin, chest, and behind the knees. In babies, blisters or red spots may appear on skin folds, nappy areas, or faces. Other symptoms of a heat rash include irritating itch, mild swelling, and prickling sensation.

Symptoms of heat rash always disappear within 2-3 days, but if you experience severe complications, a doctor will prescribe the best treatment.

Heat rashes and bed bug bites have similar symptoms. A physical examination by a physician will help you understand if you’re dealing with a heat rash or it is pest infestation. However, if you suspect a bed bug bite, contact Nashville Bedbug for the best bed bug heat treatment.

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