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Tips to Successfully Use Bed Bug Heat Treatment Equipment

Bed bugs are a growing problem across the globe. The tiny insects can cause various issues, including itchiness, redness, and swelling. If you are unlucky enough to have bugs in your home or business, you will want to find a long-lasting solution to bed bug removal. In this case, heat treatment equipment might be the only thing you need to ensure your property is bed bug-free.

The treatment is performed using a portable heater or a specialized heating unit. It involves raising the temperatures in the infested area to a level lethal to bed bugs. The exact temperature depends on the bed bug type, but it is often between 118 and 122 F. It is also vital to ensure that the entire area is heated evenly for optimal effectiveness.

This post shares the techniques that can aid in better results when using bed bug heat treatment methods.

Eliminating Clutter

Bed bugs hide in many places, and you do not want to give them more room. Clutter hinders the effectiveness of bed bug heat treatment as clutter acts as an insulator. It is best to get rid of the clutter to enhance the efficiency of the process, reduce treatment times, and maximize the success of the process.

Reducing Insulation

Items like cardboard boxes are insulators that keep cool temperatures inside. Therefore, they provide a perfect environment for bed bugs and their larvae to survive heat treatment.

So to get the best from the heat treatment, you must reduce insulation by ensuring there are no boxes within boxes. You should spread them out and remove their contents for maximum exposure to the heated air. This way, no bed bugs can survive the treatment, which gives you optimal peace of mind.

Maximizing Airflow

Items in your home or business are often placed against the walls of a room. Moving these items away from the walls and spreading them out is vital to maximizing airflow during the heat treatment. This ensures that all items and surfaces are exposed to the heated air, making the process effective and successful.

Using the Right Bed Bug Heat Treatment Equipment

Multiple brands have hit the market with the increased demand for bed bug heat treatment. The brands come with different features and operational specifications. In this case, you must note that not every piece of equipment is designed to work for every type of bed bug.

It’s crucial to consult a professional before using a bed bug heat machine rental. They can identify the type of infestation on your property and recommend the best equipment. It will ensure a successful process with zero damage to your valuables throughout the process.

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