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Bed Bug Nightmare

The Makings Of A Nightmare

We recently found a whole community of bed bugs -We traced the source to one particular home where one elderly gentleman lived.

All of the neighbors and their pets had gone to visit this particular gentleman and slowly but surely brought hitch-hikers home.

To make matters worse these folks didn’t have a bed bug heat company in their area so the local pest control companies just tried to treat their problem with sprayed chemicals.  What these well-meaning professionals failed to understand was that was the last thing they should have done.  When they sprayed, they killed some bugs but more importantly they spread the bugs away from their normal food source and throughout the house and into the walls.

One particular house had it so bad that they ripped out all the walls, sheetrock and all, burned all the furniture and rebuilt their house.  That is so sad, since this wasn’t necessary to solve the problem and may not have completely solved the problem anyways.  With the right treatment at the start, this problem would not have turned into the nightmare that it turned into.

When you suspect bed bugs, typically the worst thing that you can do is start treating it yourself, or hiring a “professional” that is not certified and trained to do the job.  If your professional is not using heat, then there may be a lack of training and understanding on their part, and they may actually cause your problem to spread.

The best thing is to call a heat trained professional right from the start and have them validate that you actually have a bed bug problem.  If your professional cannot show you actual evidence, then you have a right to suspect something fishy may be going on with that inspection.  A true professional will know about the bug, its lifecycle, feeding habits, and the best way to eradicate it.  If a true professional cannot find evidence of bugs, and you still suspect bugs, then that same professional should recommend the only almost full-proof way to find evidence of bed bugs – dogs inspectors.

Heat treatments are the future of bed bugs elimination due to their speed, accuracy and easy application.  Nashville Bed Bugs is proud to offer the highest quality heat treatments to our clients.

If you have a bed bug problem at your home or business please call us today at 615.257.0255.  We can help you rid your home or business of bed bugs FAST!

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