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Can You Get A Fine For Having Bed Bugs?


A Senior Assisted Living facility in California gets fined $15,000 and causes the resignation of one of its owners due to a severe infestation of bed bugs.  There were over 4000 bed bugs in a 20 room facility.  Unfortunately the infestation was left untreated for months causing the problem to be exasperated.  A local exterminator […]

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Bed Bug Nightmare

The Makings Of A Nightmare We recently found a whole community of bed bugs -We traced the source to one particular home where one elderly gentleman lived. All of the neighbors and their pets had gone to visit this particular gentleman and slowly but surely brought hitch-hikers home. To make matters worse these folks didn’t […]

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Killing Bed Bugs With Heat

Since the discovery of bed bugs amazing ability to evolve and adapt to pest control. However there is light at the end of the tunnel. Nashville Bed Bugs uses professional grade, non-toxic heat treatments to kill bed bugs the first time.  We know that waiting for the problem to be solved after multiple ineffective treatment […]

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