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Heat + Knowledge = Dead Bed Bugs

Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs The Non-Toxic Way

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When you find bed bugs in your home, hotel, or business, your first thought may be to use chemicals to kill the bugs. Toxic chemicals can have a harmful affect on your furniture and on the people using the room. Many bed bug exterminators use toxic chemicals to kill bed bugs, but these chemicals often don’t even kill the eggs that the bed bugs have laid, and they don’t get the bed bugs in tough areas, like inside furniture. Heat treatments are the best solution for getting rid of bed bugs. Nashville Bed Bugs uses heat treatments to guarantee that bed bugs and their eggs are killed in the entire room in the safest and most efficient way. If you’re still not sure why to choose heat treatments, you can learn more here (, and continue reading to find out what toxic chemicals can do to your home, hotel, or business.

Whether you have hotel guests or family and friends in mind, you want those entering your environment to feel great about where they are and have a positive feeling when they leave. Toxic chemicals used in cleaning products or to kill bed bugs can cause people to feel tired, and they weaken immune systems, leaving people with colds, fatigue, and even more serious illnesses. Chemicals suppress the production of cells in the body that are meant to fight off bacteria. High chemical levels in the body increase the amount of free radicals. Too many free radicals will use up the body’s store of antioxidants, including vital vitamins like A, C, and E, at a rapid rate. (

Toxic chemicals can also lead to weight gain. Chemicals reduce the levels of adrenaline and dopamine in the body, and these are crucial for allowing the body to burn fat, control the appetite, and raise a desire for exercise. Synthetic chemicals contain properties that our bodies don’t recognize, meaning our bodies can’t break them down, leading the toxins to be stored as fat.

Lastly, toxins lower the body’s ability to produce energy. The chemicals attack ATPase enzymes in the muscles that are meant to convert food into energy. With too many chemicals, the body won’t be able to power up the muscles, and as a result, the body suffers from chronic fatigue.

In the same way that drying your delicates and nicer pieces of clothing too much can wear them out, using harsh chemicals on your furniture can shorten their lifespans. Not to mention, dousing your furniture in toxic chemicals only makes it easier for them to enter the body.

Just because you have a bed bugs problem does not mean you have to result to toxic chemicals. Nashville Bed Bugs uses professional heat treatment that is proven to exterminate all the bed bugs and their eggs in a matter of hours. This eco-friendly and safe method will take care of the bed bugs infestation without harming your home, hotel, or business, and the people interacting in your environment.

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