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Moving to a New Home or an Apartment? How to Stay Bed Bug Free

On average a family will move every 6 months to a year. That is one of the things you want to leave behind.

See the tips below to stay bed bug free throughout your move:

  • Is your moving company bed bug free.  Nothing is worse than to know you are bed bug free at your old location and your new location, but then to pick them up in the truck on the way over.  Ask your moving company for their written bed bug treatment and avoidance procedures and if they don’t have them, go elsewhere.
  • Did you know that bed bugs crawl through the walls and enter your apartment through ducting, electrical outlets, and baseboards?  If you are moving into a multi-family situation, ensure that your neighbors don’t have an infestation of bed bugs waiting on you to move in.
  • Get to know your neighbors.  Thinking about the bullet above, your neighbors will give you a good idea of a bed bug infestation.  Be aware that 90% of the population’s skin does not react in a major way to bed bug bites so some neighbors may not know there is a problem when there is one.  use common sense when visiting them and notice if they have a dirty and cluttered apartment – this may be a warning sign for bed bugs.
  • Ask your new landlord what their bed bug procedures are?  Do they have a plan to periodically inspect?  What is their plan if bed bugs show up?  Most landlords don’t know that they are putting themselves at high legal risk by not having a plan for bed bugs.
  • Moving means buying new (or used) furniture.  Did you know that bed bugs like to hide in these items?  Be sure that any used thrift store or Craigslist items you buy are bed bug free – the only way to ensure that is to heat treat them prior to bringing them into your new home.
  • The only mostly full-proof way to detect if bed bugs are a problem at your new location is to schedule a K-9 dog inspection.
  • “This place doesn’t have bed bugs!!!  It has new paint and new carpet!”   Don’t be fooled by new carpet and paint.  Remember that bedbugs can hide very well and are not deterred by new carpet or paint. It may take them more time to get to you than before the new carpet or paint, but if they are there, they will get to you.

The best way to safely remove bed bugs is by heat.  NashvilleBedBugs is the only nationally certified and trained heat treatment company in the Kentucky/Tennessee area.  We can also refer to you the best K-9 bed bug inspection company as well.  If you suspect bed bugs, the first thing you should do is call NashvilleBedBugs to come and do a free inspection.

To get a FREE bed bug inspection call NashvilleBedBugs today at (888) 446-4044 or locally at (615) 257-0255

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