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How to Differentiate Between Bed Bug and Mosquito Bites

Mosquito and bed bug bites can sometimes appear similar at a glance. This has made it hard for most people to respond to the bites appropriately. In the worst case you may not even know how to keep your home safe from these pests.

Now the question is, how do you differentiate between a mosquito and bed bug bite? Here are the highlights to take note of always. 

The Bite Appearances

These two insects bite for a common reason: food and survival, as they depend significantly on blood. Once they bite you, the appearance of your skin may change accordingly. 

For bed bug bites, you’ll notice red, swollen, or pimple-like bumps with a red dot on the center of the irritating area. In most cases, the bites occur in a cluster with a distinctive pattern like a zigzag or a line. Those extremely sensitive bed bug bites will also have a fluid-filled red spot. 

On the other hand, mosquito bites are pale or red, small, raised and inflamed bites that are isolated or randomly appear on the body. These bites will vary in size depending on your bodily reactions. 

Naturally, the bites occur in areas not covered when you sleep. You may also notice dark or black spots that resemble dried bruises or scarring due to the scratching effect.

Infections or Disease Transmission

Regardless of the irritation and itching effect, bed bug bites don’t cause or spread any known infections or diseases.

On the other hand, mosquito bites are the most dangerous, and according to the National Institute of Health, mosquito-borne- illnesses cause hundreds of deaths worldwide. They are also linked to a series of pathogens infections and the spread of diseases like Zika, malaria, dengue and West Nile fever, yellow fever and Chikungunya virus, among others. 

Reaction Time

Typically, about 20% of people that get bit don’t feel bed bug bites and they don’t always cause sudden reactions. But if they do, then the response can be delayed or come hours/days later. 

However, when bitten by a mosquito, you’ll instantly notice and feel the itch or redness of the area. Your body will immediately have a bump with a white dot at the center of the bite. However, the bites will disappear or resolve after a few hours or two days. 

Prevention and Treatment 

To prevent bed bug bites, you’d want to inspect your house for any sign and hire a professional bed bug removal company to help.

But to prevent and manage mosquito bites, you have to:

  • Get rid of their habitats, including stagnated or standing water
  • Use mosquito repellant, and ensure to bug screen your doors or windows

Final Thoughts

To quickly identify mosquito and bed bug bites, check on the pattern, spacing, frequency and shape of the bites, the color of inflammation, or the center of the bite. If you see small bumps in line, that would be a bed bug bite. However, bumps in isolation with a central red and no identified color signify mosquito bite.

Regardless of the case, avoid the possible harm caused by mosquitos or bedbugs by hiring a  Nashville Exterminator today.

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