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Essential Tips for Bed Bug Free Travel

Vacations and adventures are times to create memories while you relax with your friends or families. You don’t need to be worried about any itchy bites, crawling bed bugs in your room during these times, or worst case, bringing them back home with you.

The good news is, you have hassle-free and straightforward things you can do to prevent and control bed bug issues when you travel so that you won’t have to worry about calling a professional bed bug removal company. Consider the following tips:

Thoroughly Inspect Your Room

To avoid the uncomfortable feeling of bed bug infestations, inspector check the entire room. But, how can you identify the presence of bed bugs?Sure, bed bugs are experts of hiding, and sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint them. Plus, it’s not necessarily a must that you have to see them crawling around. So check for:

  • Any reddish and rusty stains on the beddings- could be an indication of crushed bed bugs
  • Dark spots at the corners of bed- they could be fecal matter as a result of bed bug activity
  • Check for any tiny and yellow skins in beddings as they could be bed bugs or their eggs

Also, consider looking for live bed bugs under the mattress, bedsheets, and cracks on the frame. You must also inspect:

  • Picture frames
  • Luggage racks
  • Box springs
  • In between the cushions and bed skirts

While doing all of these inspections, ensure you place your luggage at safe points where you’re sure you can see any crawling pest easily. Most preferable, place them at the center or the middle of the floor. Avoid placing them on the bed until you’re sure it’s safe.

Change Room If Need Be

You should always research to find out more about the condition of the hotel you are staying in. If you find evidence of bed bugs, you must let the management know it immediately. They can call for professional bed bug removal. Meanwhile, ask them to shift you to another room immediately.

If you have to change the room, you must ensure you take the room that is not adjacent to or directly close, under, or above your currentspace.

Consider Luggage Safety While Inside the Room

Even though you have checked or inspected the room; unfortunately, you may miss some hiding spaces. Therefore;

  • Avoid unpacking- there are high chances for your clothes to pick up bed bugs, especially when you arrange your clothes in the hotel closet, drawers, or leave them on the mattress.
  • Store your suitcase in the bath tab throughout your hotel stay-this limits bed bugs from making their way into your luggage.

Prevent Bed Bug Infestation When Returning Home

Your vacation is over, and it is now time to travel back home. You don’t want to bring bed bugs with you.  To avoid that you must: properly do your laundry using high heat cycles -even if you use a bedbug-proof suitcase. Also, ensure you vacuum your briefcase and remove the vacuum container from your home after you are done.

And always remember to contact us for bed bug pest control services in Tennessee or Nashville.

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