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How to Become Your Home’s Pest Defender?

Have you ever dealt with bugs, rodents, and other annoying pests in your home? Instead of waiting to take action after your home is infested, strive to prevent the problem. There are ways to avoid the infestation without the stress of seeking an exterminator. Some of them include –

Minimizing Plants and Mulch

Pests can use branches to reach your house and find their way in. So, make sure to trim all tree branches that touch your home. Mulch in your garden beds can also provide an ideal shelter for pests. Instead of applying mulch in areas that touch your foundation, use less-pest attractive ground covers.

Sealing Doors and Windows

Pests often wiggle through tiny gaps and cracks. That means it is vital to inspect and repair any broken or warped windows and doors. The same goes for those that do not fit well. Also make sure to fix any tears or rips in screens within the shortest time possible. You can use screen meshes with at least 200 or more holes per square inch.

Checking for Gaps and Cracks

Doors and windows are not the only places that may have tiny openings. Inspect the exterior of your property for crevices, cracks, and gaps that pests could use to access your home. Also, check for loose siding, foundation cracks, missing roof shingles, and gaps in utility lines. Seal all the openings or cracks with coarse steel, copper mesh, mortar, or sheet metal. These are ideal because pests can hardly chew through them.

Properly Disposing of Litter and Trash

Know that household garbage can attract pests such as bugs, roaches, and ants. Yard waste can also draw in pests that may see it as a nest or source of food. Avoid costly bug removal services by having trash cans having tight and fitting lids to prevent pest infestation. Likewise, it would be best to clean the cans and the area where they sit to eliminate spills and debris on which pests can feed.

Cleaning Drains

Floor and sink drains accumulate debris and gunk over time. These can attract pests and provide a breeding site. So, make it a habit to inspect and clean all the drains within your home. Don’t forget the basement and laundry room. You can use vinegar and soda for the cleaning. They are homemade drain cleaners with foaming action that flushes out clogs. If you need professional bed bug heat treatment in Nashville, you may contact us.

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