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How To Prevent Bed Bugs In Nashville

Understanding Bed Bugs In Nashville

Bed bugs are a problem almost anywhere you go, but this is especially true in cities where people live so close together. 2022 statistics show that 1 out of every 3 apartments in the United States has bed bugs, 1 out of every 4 ride-sharing or public transportation vehicles has bed bugs, and there is a 50/50 chance of coming across bed bugs in a public space anywhere you go.

If you live in a city like Nashville, it can feel almost inevitable that you will experience bed bugs at some point, but this doesn't have to be the case. Tennessee's only nationally certified bed bug heat treatment experts, Nashville Bed Bugs, is here to help you prevent this pest from becoming a problem in your home. We provide our bed bug heat treatment services and equipment rentals to residential homes, apartments, short-term rentals, summer camps, office buildings, and more! So keep reading to learn how Nashville Bed Bugs can help you!

Bed Bug Prevention Tips

You have seen just about everything when dealing with bed bugs as long as we have, including how bed bugs can infest homes. Out of all insects, bed bugs are the #1 hitchhikers, attaching to people or their belongings and catching a ride into a home where they reproduce and spread.

To help you keep from bringing bed bugs into your home, here are some tips for different scenarios you may encounter:


The average family will move every six months to a year, and bed bugs can become a problem during or after the moving process.

  • Research your moving company and read reviews to ensure they are bedbug-free. Ask the company for their written bed bug treatment and avoidance procedures and if they don't have them, go elsewhere.
  • Research the building or complex if you are moving into a multi-family structure because bed bugs can travel through walls and enter multiple units through electrical outlets, baseboards, and ducting.
  • Get to know your neighbors and use common sense when visiting them, looking for warning signs like a dirty or cluttered apartment.
  • Ask your landlord what their bed bug procedures are, if they have periodical inspections, and what their plan is for an active infestation.
  • Heat treat all secondhand or used furniture before bringing them into your new home, as bed bugs commonly infest these items.

Staying At A Hotel Or Motel

These are typical hotspots where people get bed bugs and return home with them, so you should look for signs of bed bugs before your stay.

  • Always research the hotel before booking and read reviews.
  • Look for any reddish or rust-colored staining on the bedding, dark spots at the corners of beds, or tiny, yellow skins in or around the bed.
  • Check under the mattress, bedsheets, and crevices of the bed frame.
  • Inspect picture frames, luggage racks, box springs, in between cushions, and bed skirts.

If you find signs of bed bugs, let management know immediately and change rooms to one that is not adjacent, above, under, or close to the infested room.

Luggage Safety

Keep your luggage in a safe place while looking over your room and throughout your stay.

  • Avoid unpacking or putting your clothes in closets or drawers.
  •  Keep your suitcase in the bathtub throughout your stay to limit the chance of bed bugs getting into your luggage.
  • Prevent bed bugs from returning home with you by properly doing your laundry on the highest heat setting, vacuuming your bags, and removing the vacuum container from your home after finishing.

Unfortunately, even the most cautious people can still experience a bed bug problem, especially if you live in a multi-unit building, so you should know what to do if you face an infestation.

Nashville Bed Bugs Treatment Process

At Nashville Bed Bugs, we use heat treatment, a simple but effective process that allows us to treat single rooms or entire homes. Here are some of the advantages of heat treatment:

  • All-natural, non-toxic, and eco-friendly 
  • Safe and effective, working quickly without the need for multiple treatments
  • Affordable and saves money by reducing the number of treatments needed
  • Saves your mattresses and furniture 
  • Gets you back into your home or the rooms we treat within hours, unlike traditional treatments

The benefits of heat treatment are numerous compared to traditional treatments, which are more costly and may require you to be out of your home for an extended time.

Nashville Bed Bugs Financial Options

A Nashville bed bug infestation is often an expense no one has planned for, which can mean choosing between paying an important bill or getting the services you need to get rid of your Nashville bed bug problem. At Nashville Bed Bugs, we believe everyone has the right to live in an environment free of these pests, so we offer six, eight, or twelve-month payment plan options.

So call us at Nashville Bed Bugs, the number one bed bug control company in the nation, and ask about our payment plans and how you can start with the services you need to have a bed bug-free home!

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