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Preventing Wasps from Entering Your Vehicle

Wasps are a common nuisance, especially in the summer months, and while their presence can be bothersome outdoors, there’s one place you do not want to find them – inside your car.

These flying pests can sneak into your vehicle through gaps or openings, leaving you with a potentially dangerous situation as you try to drive and get rid of them.

So, how best can you keep wasps away from your car and yourself? Continue reading for more details!

The Reasons behind Wasps’ Nesting Habits in Cars

Here are four reasons behind wasps’ nesting habits in cars:

·        Shelter-Seeking Behavior

Like any other living being, wasps prefer a safe, dry, and somewhat secure place to build their nests. Of course, your car offers this much-needed environment, and that’s why you are likely to encounter wasps in your car.

·        Food Source

Wasps are known to be opportunistic feeders and are attracted to food sources such as sugary drinks, crumbs, and even sweet-scented car fresheners. Any car with any of these items will most likely attract wasps.

·        Attracted to Heat

Your car engines, which emanate heat, also provide a perfect spot for wasps to gather and nest. It is, therefore, important to always inspect potential areas within your car, especially in the engine section, for any wasp activity.

·        Strong Sense of Smell

Wasps have a strong sense of smell and are drawn to the scents of certain car materials, such as scented oils and rubber. In fact, the wasps will be attracted to anything scented, and things like rubber on the wheels and any other section of the car are good examples.

Tips for Keeping Wasps Away from Your Car

These tips will keep these pests at bay so they don’t ruin your summer fun.

  1. Keep your car clean and free of food debris that may attract wasps. 
  2. Inspect your car for gaps or openings that may serve as entry points for wasps. 
  3. Consider installing window screens on your car windows to keep wasps out while allowing air to circulate. 
  4. Use deterrents such as mint, eucalyptus, and cinnamon. 

Steps to Take When Wasps Invade Your Car

You can respond effectively to a wasp invasion in your vehicle with the following steps.

  • Identify the Source: Inspect your vehicle’s exterior for any cracks, gaps, or holes that could have served as an entry point for the wasps. 
  • Don’t Panic: Stay calm and avoid swatting at the wasps, which can aggravate them and lead to stings. 
  • Open All Windows: This creates a draft and allows the wasps to fly out quickly. 
  • Use Wasp Repellents: Spray products that contain essential oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus, or clove can help keep wasps at bay.

If the wasps resist the above tips or you are uncomfortable dealing with them, it’s best to contact an expert. Our specialists at Nashville Bed Bugs will be more than happy to assist you in fully eradicating wasps from your car. We are not just an ordinary bed bug removal company. Our team is skilled in handling all types of pests.

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